“Nothing ever reaches out and grabs me, BUT this did!”
– Billy Gibbon, ZZ Top

“Music to my ears, real rock-n-roll! Something you can sink your teeth into!”
– Chris Goss, Producer/Masters of Reality

“Y’all played every damn note in the scale! I hate mother f*#kers who can play... Now how am I supposed to follow that?!?”
– Mojo Nixon

“Any band who can rock a version of (NRBQ’s) Flat Foot Flewzy is alright!”
– Southern Culture on the Skids

“They rock! It’s like the chickens got loose in the hoglot! I love jammin’ with them at their gigs when I’m off the road with the KY Headhunters. ”
– Greg Martin, Lead Guitarist, KY Headhunters

“Great songs, great talent!... for a bunch of guys.”
– Kathy Valentine, the Go Gos

“Excellent set. Let’s play another gig sometime!”
– Derek Trucks, Derek Truck Band, Allman Brothers Band

“Thick new music... imagine country blues coming of age at the summer
of love.”
– Jeffery Lee Puckett, Entertainment Columnist, Louisville Courier Journal

“Taildragger digs up a score of blues-rock styles and whips them up into fresh new shapes with loose, 3-piece arrangements... the top
rock-n-roll pick!”
– Walter Tunis, Music Writer, Lexington Herald Leader

“Taildragger has a subtle ferocity all their own... with its guttural, snarling vocals, obese guitar, rumbling bass all piled on top of merciless drumming...”
– Scott Armstrong, Music Critic, ACE Weekly

“Taildragger knows that making good music is like cooking Aunt Minnies macaroni and cheese; you gotta love the recipe, or else it just don’t
taste right.”
– Cary Sterle, Music writer, Louisville Eccentric Observer

“...The band roared through the electric power blues genre [featuring] gutsy covers and likeable originals. the supercharged set was sparked by solid musicianship and laced with a mellow atmosphere.”
– William Brents, Columnist, Louisville Music News

“Man, I tell ya, this is pure Bluegrass... a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a bit of Mountain, a touch of Country and big piece TAILDRAGGER. It´s blues-soaked-heavy-riff-rockin´ stuff. Ok, all you Freaks out there, if you like good music, you´re on the right track with Taildragger. I haven´t heard such a lovely CD for a long time.”
– Daredevil Magazine

“This is GOOD TIME rock n' roll, the kind you tap your foot to while sippin' on a cold PBR with good friends.”
– Chris Barnes, CustomHeavy.com