Taildragger's latest studio release, "skeptictank", is available on ear X-tacy records! Seventeen songs recorded and mixed at Barrick Recording in Glasgow, KY, and co-produced by Greg Martin, Taildragger and David Barrick. At a mere $9.99, the long-awaited follow-up to the ever popular "Anywhere Nowhere" can be purchased at the record label's Web site:

If you like the new "skeptictank", you'll definitely want to check out some older Taildragger material:

The "Hank Fish Sessions" is comprised of mostly previously unreleased stuff that dates back to the band's first studio project in 1993. The 11-song collection will include 2 previously released songs from Loud and Clear (the first EP), She So Lazy and We Don't Know -- both long-standing live favorites. Though the true Taildragger spirit shines through, the recording has a certain rawness unheard in later studio sessions.

Speaking of live and raw, you might want to give "LIVE" a listen. A snapshot of a classic Taildragger performance, "LIVE" is a favorite among the true Taildragger fans because most fans will tell you -- they're great in the studio but even better live! Better yet, Greg Martin (the Kentucky Headhunters) adds his touch on guitar for half the set adding blistering solos on some original tunes and classic Taildragger covers such as Ike Turner's "Takin' Back My Name", ZZ Top's "Bar-B-Q", and Cactus' version of the Howlin' Wolf classic, "Evil". Loud, raw and a little rough around the edges -- just like a live rock show outta be!

If you want classic Taildragger, you gotta have Taildragger's first full length studio release, "Anywhere Nowhere". Originally released in late 1997 and later digitally remastered and rereleased in 2000, this one is a must have if you want to live up to the claim of being an o'blessed proverbial 'official' Taildragger fan! Greg Upchurch (drummer, 3 Doors Down/Puddle of Mudd/Chris Cornell) says, "This CD is my favorite... it just never gets old!" Many Taildragger live favorites are on this disc including the mind-boggling riff rockers, Monkey Man and Dog-Gone Your Hide, along with the heavy and rugged You Can't Help Me and the bluesy Van Gogh's Head -- heck, there's even one for the ladies, the classic Stones tune that the Stones never wrote, This Time. Produced by David Barrick and Taildragger at Barrick Recording, this CD is sure to please ANY rock-n-roll fan.


Hank Fish
Easy. Before Taildragger was called Taildragger, they were Hank Fish. Actually, they played their very first gig at the JDI (Jefferson Davis Inn) in Lexington, KY, as Reed Vibbert but soon realized that it just wasn’t going to stick. The then four-piece changed their name to Hank Fish after struggling with other name choices such as Ten Gallon Gut, Huff, and Black Sack to name a few. After gigging six months and completing a month-long recording session, they changed names again. Playing only two shows as Taildragger, guitar sideman, Fred Sexton, left the band. They carried on as a three-piece ever since.

Root Hog
Before Hank Fish/Taildragger, there was Root Hog. Root Hog was Jon McGee’s first side project while drumming for Chameleon/Electra recording artists, Black Cat Bone. It was also McGee’s first attempt at fronting a band on guitar and vocals. Old blues standards made up Root Hog’s primary set list but McGee eventually started adding in some originals. In time, the originals became more and more rock oriented. So, by the time Root Hog disbanded in 1993, Hank Fish/Taildragger had several rockin' songs to pick from. In fact, some of the tunes included on "Taildragger - Hank Fish Sessions" were originally recorded as Root Hog demos with McGee manning most of the instrumentation and production. Several Root Hog songs were recorded and may eventually be made available on this site. Stay tuned!

Black Cat Bone
Formed originally in the mid-to-late eighties by David Angstrom and Jon McGee, Black Cat Bone is a power trio with Angstrom on guitar and vocals, Jon McGee on drums, and Mark Hendricks on bass. However, long before Hendricks joined, Angstrom and McGee experimented with several bands in high school/college. A cover band called Have Mercy, a punk band, the Mange, a reggae band called Without Race, and an americanna rock-n-roll band, J.B and the Five Blind Boys, allowed Jon and David to develop their musical skills and explore their creative talents as writers. Black Cat Bone didn't come into focus until they formed Skinny Bones. They wrote, rehearsed, preformed, recorded several originals and went through several bass players (Tom Baker, David Barrick, and Mark Fitzpatrick) before developing their own unique sound and style -- and finally the addition of Mark Hendricks on bass, the secret ingredient they had been needing. By the late 80's the band had gained much regional notoriety and eventually landed a recording contract with Chameleon/Electra in 1991. Their first international release “Truth” was made available in early 1992. After touring internationally, playing with Lynard Skynard, Drivin' and Cryin', and Yngwie Malmstein and gaining some success with their debut release which included airtime on MTV and major national radio airplay, the band went back into the studio. They recorded their second CD, “Real”, with the legendary stoner-rock mastermind, Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), as the producer. Recorded at L.A.'s famous Sound City Studios (Nirvana, Dio, Fleetwood Mac), the album was all the buzz and it seemed as if Black Cat Bone was well on its way. Unfortunately, due to personal struggles and some challenging business matters, Black Cat Bone officially lost their record deal in early 1993 and the second album was never released by Chameleon/Electra. Fortunately, years later, the band regained rights to the masters and were able to release "Real" along with a few bonus tracks on Mines Bigger Than Yours Records. "Real" can be purchased at Several demo recordings of the band as well as some home movie video footage still exists. After years of pursuing other creative outlets, the three members of Black Cat Bone still keep in close contact and occasionally get together for a jam in the basement or a gig at a local venue.


The Mighty Jeremiahs
Greg Martin rocks! And his solo project does, too. Featuring the power-soul vocals of Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie, Jeff Beck, Hank Jr.), drumming by Jon McGee, and bass by Mark Hendricks (both of Taildragger), this project is a winner! Other musicians complementing Greg’s guitar work on his solo debut include Phil Keagy, Ricky and Curtis Burch, Darrell Mansfield, Bonnie Bramlette, Kevin McKindree (Delbert McClinton Band), Steve Polton, Dean Smith (formerly of Supafuzz), and more -- not to mention a visit by members of Greg’s usual crew, The Kentucky Headhunters. Recorded and mixed at the famous Barrick Recording in Glasgow, KY, it’s a CD you’ll have to have to round out your blues-rock library! Click on over to for details or just skip the babble and go buy it. Available on ear X-tacy records at

Crown Electric
Rock-a-billy rules! If you like old time rock-n-roll (and I ain’t talkin’ Bob Seager, damn it), check out Crown Electric. Singer/songwriter, Mike Tevis, fronts the band with energy not matched since Elvis. On lead guitar, Bob Burris (of Burris Amps at the Tone Shop, Lexington, KY) tag teams with former Taildragger sideman, Fred Sexton (the Yonders), who also plays a mean lap steel. The rhythm section has Jon McGee beatin’ the tubs, and Frank Turner on dog house bass. (Oh, by the way, Mark Hendricks sits in on bass when Frank can't make it.) No kiddin’, y'all, this is the real thing -- the stuff that made us rockin' rollers what we are today. From Sun Records classics to clever original tunes, Crown Electric is a must see. Check 'em out on MySapce for updates on gigs and the like.